What is the Atlantic Division CanoeKayak Canada (ADCKC)?

The ADCKC is a non-profit organization committed to the support and advancement of CanoeKayak in Atlantic Canada. It is comprised of its General Manager, a Regional High Performance Coach, governing board who comprise a volunteer Executive Committee, a small group of summer student employees’, and a dedicated volunteer base. The ADCKC works together with our 14 Member Clubs to ensure all athletes are able to enjoy paddling in Atlantic Canada; whether recreationally or competitively.

Mission: To provide excellence in leadership, guidance and support for our members and to provide safe and fair competitive environments that will ensure the successful development of high performance athletes and lifelong paddlers.

Vision: To lead athlete representation on the National team while continuously developing lifelong paddlers, confirming our dedication to progress the Atlantic Regions’ position as a vibrant paddling centre in Canada.

Inclusive – We believe in providing CanoeKayak as an inclusive, supportive, respectful and accessible sport to all Atlantic Canadians.
Safety First – We are committed to providing safe, fair and world-class competitive racing environments for our membership.
Customer Centric – We believe in focusing our efforts to continuously advance and support our athletes and our Member Clubs.
Leadership – We are committed to govern and lead with transparency, accountability and strategic intent.
Collaboration – We believe in proving a highly positive, collaborative and consultative environment for our membership, best supporting our continuous progression.
Reward Success – We believe in recognizing and celebrating the success of our membership, volunteers, athletes and other stakeholders.
Educate – We are committed to facilitating and delivering ongoing, lifelong educational opportunities.
Volunteerism – We are a volunteer centric organization and believe in best achieving our potential through delivering excellence in the recruitment, retention and recognition of our volunteers.