2017 Canada Games Team Athletes 

Team Nova Scotia:

Olivia Denman 

Discipline: Women Kayak

Canoe-Kayak Club: Banook

Role model: Paula Findlay because she sets a great example for perseverance in sport

Fun fact: This is Olivia’s second Canada Summer Games, her first was in 2013 at the Sherbrooke, QC Summer Games. 

Mark Wiseman 

Discipline: Men Canoe

Canoe-Kayak club: Cheema

Most looking forward to at Canada Games: Getting to watch other sports and meeting new people from across Canada

Fun fact: Mark once ate 12 ice cream sandwiches in 14 minutes when he was 15 years old 

Nicole Jessop

Discipline: Women’s Canoe

Canoe-Kayak Club: Maskwa

Role model: Leah Jessop because her work ethic is inspiring

Fun fact: Nicole is a twin and this is her second Canada Summer Games after competing in the 2013 Games

Mark Marschalko 

Discipline: Men’s Kayak

Canoe-Kayak Club: Maskwa

Role model: Kolonics Gyorgy- A member of his original paddling club and a motivated, hard worker

Favourite race: K1 5km because he likes the competitive spirit of it

Fun fact: Mark is Hungarian and moved to Canada in 2012

James MacPhee 

Discipline: Men's Canoe

Canoe-Kayak Club: Sackawa

Most looking forward to at Canada Games: James is looking forward to trying to finish top three in his races to get on the podium

Fun Fact: James' real name is Kyle

Connor Fitzpatrick

Discipline: Men's Canoe 

Canoe-Kayak Club: Senobe 

Favourite Race: Connors favourite race is the C1 1000m because it is strategic "like a game of poker, you have to play your cards right to suceed".

Bret Himmelman

Discipline: Men's Canoe 

Canoe-Kayak Club: Maskwa

Role Model: Jordan Coyle who always pushed him to work and train harder

Fun Fact: Bret started Canoe Kayak at age 15 to help him get in shape for hockey and lacrosse

Jessica Hogg

Discipline: Women's Kayak

Canoe-Kayak Club: Senobe

Role Model: Lisa Carrington because she's fast

Favourite Race: K-4 because it's hard

Fun Fact: Jessica has been paddling for 15 years


Kate Hennessey

Discipline: Women's Canoe

Canoe-Kayak Club: Mic Mac

Role Model: Julia Lilley because she's a great training partner and works hard

Fun Fact: Kate competed at the 2015 Canada Winter Games in Biathalon 


Paul LaPierre

Discipline: Men's Kayak

Canoe-Kayak Club: Mic Mac

Favourite Race: K-1 200m because it's such an intense race and anything could happen

Fun Fact: Paul has been paddling at Mic Mac for 7 years


Ava Carew

Discipline: Women's canoe

Canoe-Kayak Club: Senobe

Most looking forward to at Canada Games: Watching all of the competition and seeing her teammates succeed

Fun Fact: At age 14, Ava is the youngest member of the Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia Canada Games Team


Matthew Peachey

Discipline: Men's Canoe

Canoe-Kayak Club: Maskwa

Most looking forward to at Canada Games: Embracing the entire week in Winnipeg. He [was] super excited to race with and against a lot of good friends, as well as support the athletes competing in other sports

Fun Fact: Matt was homeschooled


Ashley Card

Discipline: Women's Kayak

Canoe-Kayak Club: Maskwa

Role Model: Danuta Kozák because she won all three 500m races (K-1, K-2, K-4) at the Rio Olympics

Fun Fact: Ashley loves pugs


Julia Lilley-Osende

Discipline: Women's Canoe

Canoe-Kayak Club: Mic Mac

Role Model: Kate Hennessey, her C-2 and training partner who motivates her to train hard and never quit

Fun Fact: Julia's family is from Spain, she trained and raced in a national competition there in April


Marlee MacIntosh

Discipline: Women's Canoe

Canoe-Kayak Club: Maskwa

Role Model: Her sister Morgan MacIntosh, and fellow canoer Nicole Jessop, without them she wouldn't be the same paddler she is today

Fun Fact: Marlee appeared in a Justin Bieber movie


Jacob Steele

Discipline: Men's Kayak

Canoe-Kayak Club: Maskwa

Role Model: Mark de Jonge because of his success as a kayaker and his career as an engineer

Fun Fact: Jacob currentlyworks for the Government of Nova Scotia in the Department of Environment


Grace Whebby

Discipline: Women's Kayak

Canoe-Kayak Club: Mic Mac

Role Model: Karen Furneaux

Fun Fact: Grace can sing all of the lyrics of Superbass by Nicki Minaj


Robert Laureijs

Discipline: Men's Canoe

Canoe-Kayak Club: Senobe

Role Model: Roger Federer because he's a legendary competitior in his sport in addition to being a classy athlete and philanthropist

Fun Fact: Robert first paddled as a toddler at Abenaki


Missing: Zane Clarke (Men's Kayak), Anna Negulić (Women's Kayak)



Jeff Houser 

Position: Head Coach

Why does he love the sport: Paddling combines the best of individual and team sports as each athlete is accountable for their own performance, but come together to work as a team

Most rewarding part of coaching: Seeing athletes improve and achieve their goals

Fun Fact: The 2017 Canada Summer Games will be Jeff’s 5th Games as a coach


Anna Hetzler 

Position: Assistant Coach

Why she loves the sport: Anna loves the paddling community because it is like one big family

The most rewarding part of coaching: The happy athletes, and their joy after a good race

Fun Fact: Anna competed at the 2013 Canada Summer Games in Sherbrook, Quebec as an athlete, and this year she is going as a coach


Keshav Paliwal

Position: Assistant Coach

Why he loves the sport: Because it's the best balance between team and individual skills, as well as a great way to build coordination and strength

The most rewarding part of coaching: Seeing his athletes succees when working hard and having fun

Fun Fact: This is Keshav's fist time as a Canada Games staff member and he "couldn't be more excited to be part of a great group"


Brian Stever

Position: Assistant Coach

Why he loves the sport: He loves how Canoe Kayak tests our limits as individuals

The most rewarding part of coaching: Seeing the athletes take the tools they learn on the water and applying them to other areas of their lives

Fun Fact: Brian has an identical twin brother who he loves very much


Team New Brunswick:

Ryan Small

Events: K-2 1000m, K-4 1000m, K-4 200m

Hometown: Saint John

Fun Fact: Ryan had jaw surgery in November and only missed one day of school


Daniel Gallagher

Events: K-2 1000m, K-4 1000m, K-4 200m

Hometown: Rothesay

Fun Fact: Daniel runs a lawn mowing business with Cameron Crowell, another Canada Games athlete


Maxwell Lohoar

Events: K-1 5000m, K-4 1000m, kK-4 200m

Hometown: Rothesay

Fun Fact: Maxwell goes so ast in his kayak he can reach mach 1


Jack Hall

Events: K-1 1000m, K-2 200m, K-2 500m

Hometown: Rothesay

Fun Fact: Jack can cook minute noodles in 59 seconds


Matthew Mullett 

Events: K-4 1000m, K-4 200m

Hometown: Quispamsis

Fun Fact: Matthew is the youngest person on the team


Cameron Crowell

Events: K-1 200m, K-1 500m, K-2 200m, K-2 500m

Hometown: Rothesay

Fun Fact: Cameron enjoys long walks on the beach and ice cream sandwiches 



Danielle Kent

Position: Head Coach

Hometown: Rothesay

Interesting Fact: Danielle went to Canada Games in 2013 as an athlete and is now returning as a coach