The ADCKC would like to thank the many local volunteer Officials that lend their talent and expertise to CanoeKayak.

Level V (International)
Frank Garner
David Graham
Dwight Corbin
Doris Corbin
Mark Penfound
Susan Rickard
Laurel Russell
Don Mosher
Erin Schaus
Paul Dean
Heather Corrigan

Level IV (National)
Judy Williams
Jane Smith-VanHorne
Lyn Miles
Janice Dean
Les Mayo
Frances Grant-Feriancek
Jeff Clark
Leanne Clattenburg

Level III (Divisional/Provincial)
Jennifer Henderson
Shelia McGinn
Stephen MacMurray
Marlene Reid
Janet Steele
Mary Emma Murphy
Zoltan Marschalko

Level II (Local)
Joanne Ward-Jerrett
Ann Webster
Paul Day
Gail Scarola

If you are interested in learning how you can become a CanoeKayak Sprint Official, please click here for more information.

If you can not find the information you need here, please contact Tracy White, General Manager at the following:


Click here to see the 2012 Safety Boat Schedule.