2018 CanoeKids / ELCC Registration | High Performance Program Outline | 2015 Club Coach Development Camp

This workshop has been designed for the canoe coach who is working with children to introduce the basic skills of sprint canoeing —the CanoeKids Coach – (“initiation” in the model).  The goals of this workshop are to help prepare you to do some of the things that will be required of you as a coach.  We will focus on the following:
·       Expressing your coaching philosophy – Why do you coach?
·       Organizing pre-designed activities into a practice session
·       Practice coaching Canoe Kids activities.
·       Understanding Canoe Kids technique and how to teach it.
·       Experiencing and practice teaching Canoe Kids technique.
·       Identifying your many tasks as a Canoe Kids coach
·       Knowing what your legal liabilities are as a Canoe Kids coach in your province
·       Considering how to act when faced with an ethical situation.

The course usually runs about 10 hours, and following your on-line 'Making Ethical Decisions' Evaluation (Introduction Course), you are certified as a CanoeKids Coach. Cost is $120 ($100 course fee+ $20 Databaase admin Fee).

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