2018 CanoeKids / ELCC Registration | High Performance Program Outline | 2015 Club Coach Development Camp

If you are already certified under the old NCCP 'Level' program, you are probably eligible for a transition to the new ELCC program.

First, make sure you are actually certified- did you take your theory courses? If not, follow the link to Coaching Nova Scotia, to find Competition Introduction Theory Courses. 

If you're not sure about your status, but you have taken courses, contact Jeff Houser

If you are sure you were certified, you need to transition to the new program. It's easy to do, and only takes about 3 hours of committment.

First, you will need to register for the on-line "Making Ethical Decisions Course' Click Here!. Once that is taken care of, contact the Coach Coordinator to arrange an evaluation session (You need to be coaching to do this). The fee for evaluation is $50. When complete, your L1 or L2 will still be in the database, but you will also be transtioned to the new ELCC designation - a competency based certification.

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