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Atlantic Division CanoeKayak Canada Question and Answer

What is the Atlantic Division CanoeKayak Canada (ADCKC)?

The ADCKC is a non-profit organization committed to the support and advancement of CanoeKayak in Atlantic Canada. It is comprised of its General Manager, a Regional High Performance Coach, governing board who comprise a volunteer Executive Committee, a small group of summer student employees’, and a dedicated volunteer base. The ADCKC works together with our 14 Member Clubs to ensure all athletes are able to enjoy paddling in Atlantic Canada; whether recreationally or competitively.

Mission: To provide excellence in leadership, guidance and support for our members and to provide safe and fair competitive environments that will ensure the successful development of high performance athletes and lifelong paddlers.

Vision: To lead athlete representation on the National team while continuously developing lifelong paddlers, confirming our dedication to progress the Atlantic Regions’ position as a vibrant paddling centre in Canada.

Inclusive – We believe in providing CanoeKayak as an inclusive, supportive, respectful and accessible sport to all Atlantic Canadians.
Safety First – We are committed to providing safe, fair and world-class competitive racing environments for our membership.
Customer Centric – We believe in focusing our efforts to continuously advance and support our athletes and our Member Clubs.
Leadership – We are committed to govern and lead with transparency, accountability and strategic intent.
Collaboration – We believe in proving a highly positive, collaborative and consultative environment for our membership, best supporting our continuous progression.
Reward Success – We believe in recognizing and celebrating the success of our membership, volunteers, athletes and other stakeholders.
Educate – We are committed to facilitating and delivering ongoing, lifelong educational opportunities.
Volunteerism – We are a volunteer centric organization and believe in best achieving our potential through delivering excellence in the recruitment, retention and recognition of our volunteers.

What does the ADCKC do?


  • Works to advance athletes to the national team
  • Secures National and International events for the region
  • Organizes and operates regattas (ex: National Sprint Canoe Kayak Team Trials, Nationals Championships)
  • Organizes and delivers development camps for officials, athletes and coaches
  • Promote CanoeKayak Canada programs and funding opportunities
  • Works collaboratively with CanoeKayak Canada to support strategic direction

Regionally for Athletes/Clubs

  • Installs, maintains and removes the ICF recognized race course in Lake Banook.
  • Organizes and operates approximately 18 regattas annually involving up to 30 volunteers each day
  • Secures funding through sponsor partnerships and various grants to deliver programing
  • Hosts professional development sessions for coaches/clubs
  • Hosts coach certification such as CanoeKids and entry level competitive coach
  • Develops and hosts club resources on ADCKC website to help clubs operate using best practices
  • Operates the National Training Centre of Excellence located at 34 Boathouse Lane in Dartmouth
  • Continuously communicates opportunities to member clubs.
  • Delivers high performance programs aimed to help continuously advance our athletes.
  • Facilitates PaddleALL programing support
  • Works to increase the profile of CanoeKayak in Atlantic Canada
  • Develops and implements a strategic plan to ensure the best future for canoekayak in Atlantic Canada

How are regattas run?

The ADCKC is responsible for the organization and execution of all sanctioned regattas in Atlantic Canada. Regattas held at Lake Banook and the other lakes across the province are almost completely volunteer driven. From the officials, to the safety boat drivers, volunteers are the backbone of our organization.

The ADCKC’s summer Events Coordinator helps to provide overall organization for the regatta. Volunteer hours that are put towards our regattas are the reason they are so successful. The ADCKC facilities team does exceptional work ensuring that our lake race course is top quality and meets our standard of excellence. Approximately 30 volunteers are involved each day a regatta is held.

How is the ADCKC is financially supported?

The ADCKC is primarily funded through sponsor relationships formed with partner organizations. It operates a budget in excess of $500,000. Funding partners include:

  • Corporate sponsors
  • The Province of Nova Scotia
  • The Halifax Regional Municipality, via a community partnership for outdoor sport facilities.
  • Membership fee’s
  • Sport Nova Scotia Funding Programs

What is the Mobile Kayak Program?

Created in 2013, the ADCKC’s Mobile Kayak Program travels to communities across Nova Scotia providing youth with the opportunity to participate in CanoeKayak. Children ages 8-13 take part in on and off water training with our Mobile Kayak Program coordinators.

For more information on dates and locations visit: Here

ADCKC/Club Relations

The ADCKC exists to support clubs and their athletes. If it supports the sport of CanoeKayak or helps our athletes grow athletically or personally, the ADCKC will do what it can to foster it. The ADCKC and its clubs have a partnership that works to achieve the best outcome possible for all athletes competitive or recreational.