Lake Milo

Founded: 1975

Club Bio: Lake Milo Aquatic Club was built in 1937, participating in local sailing events for several years. By 1975 the club had been revived and joined the CCA the following year, remaining until 1979. After some years away from the Association, Milo re-joined in 2003. The club is currently under the auspices of Yarmouth Leisure Services and boasts a newly renovated hall and kitchen facilities. Lucy Mortimer of Rideau has been instrumental in getting a dragon boat and canoe-kayak program off the ground. Although official club colours include forest green and grey, red and black have been used in the interim.

Artist Credit:  Liam Birch,



Commodore – Mark Hubbard
W: (902) 742-6116


700 Main Street,
Yarmouth NS
B5A 1K7