Mic Mac

Founded: 1922

Club Bio: Located on Lake Banook in Dartmouth NS, we are non-profit organization that fosters community involvement and personal growth through social, recreational, and athletic endeavors. The versatility of having both paddling and rowing programs within our facility creates an outlet for members of all ages and abilities by providing them with healthy lifestyle alternatives both for their physical and mental well-being. Our programs aspire to help change lives and instill the belief that anything is possible, while our goal orientated atmosphere creates a stimulus for members to strive to be the best they can be.

Artist Credit:  Liam Birch, http://cfly.ca/canoe



Commodore - Phil McNulty
E: mcnultp@halifax.ca

Head Coach – Chris Chaisson
M: (902) 488-9790
E: cchaisson@gmail.com

Manager - Claudette Clattenburg
M: (902) 464-9480
E: paddling@micmacaac.com


192 Prince Albert Rd,
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1M8
(902) 464-9480