Founded: 1970

Club Bio: Located on Bell Lake in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Abenaki was founded in 1970. The club offers sprint and recreational paddling as well as swimming to south Dartmouth residents. Situated on a former water supply lake, Abenaki was the first Atlantic club to move to both fibreglass and Kevlar war canoes. Abenaki’s motto is “Recreation, Citizenship, Conservation through Water Activities.” “Abenaki” is a Mi’Kmaq word meaning “People of the Rising Sun.”

Artist Credit:  Liam Birch, http://cfly.ca/canoe






Commodore – Jason Ralph
E: aaccommodore@gmail.com

Head Coach- Maddy Hamilton
E: md422246@dal.ca 

Paddling Chair - Chantelle Lewis-Moore
E: chantelle_lewis2004@hotmail.com


22 A Swanton Drive 
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia  
B2W 2C3 
Tel: (902) 434-6111